Month: August 2015

One month of Schoonerversity

Today marks one month of Schoonerversity. To celebrate, I drank a schooner of I Heart Lager, by Black Hops Brewing and 4 Hearts Brewing, and finally wrote an About page. I know how to party.

Feeling a little Rusty?

We’ve been known to steal things from New Zealand on occasion—Russell Crowe, Pavlova, Phar Lap. It’s not like we’ve never given anything back. After all, we let them use David Wenham in Lord of the Rings. But now… Read More

Impulse buy: 4 Pines Baltic Porter

I’m not usually an impulse buyer. But when I walked past a bottle shop on Tuesday and saw them advertising 4 Pines Baltic Porter, I couldn’t resist. It’s one of 4 Pines’ Keller Door limited releases, and it’s… Read More

Blog moved to

Big news, everyone! Well, it’s not that big. But it’s not tiny, either. It excited me. Medium news, everyone! A mate of mine did me the favour of procuring the URL, to replace Isn’t he a… Read More


Let me tell you a few stories about watermelons. Story #1 I like gardening, and a couple of years ago, I tried to grow watermelons. And perhaps this is obvious to everyone except me, but when you’re growing… Read More