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Big news, everyone!

Well, it’s not that big. But it’s not tiny, either. It excited me.

Medium news, everyone!

A mate of mine did me the favour of procuring the URL, to replace Isn’t he a legend?

No longer will you have to slavishly type in a mammoth 29 characters to get to your favourite beer blog. You may kick back and type in a leisurely 19 characters, and you will be whisked away to your online utopia. (Or, you know, you could let autofill take care of it. Either way.)

To all of you who have set Schoonerversity as your homepage, make sure you change it to the new address (you know who you are). To all of you who’ve got tattooed across your chest, don’t worry—one day you’ll get really old, and be able to fold the wrinkles to cover the ‘wordpress’ bit.

To all of you who are just normal, semi-sane readers: just note the change in address, because I’ll be posting exclusively at from now on.

Thanks for tagging along, my beery friends. Hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

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