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Beer Shirts page is now live!

Want some beer shirts? Some Schoonerversity merch? A clock with hops on it? Or less likely: want to give me some warm fuzzy support? Check out the new Beer Shirts page. You probably won’t regret it.

Great photo, if I do say so myself.

Felons to storm Brisbane

In 1823, after a month lost at sea, a few convicts stumbled upon what is now the Brisbane River: tired, hungry and, most of all, thirsty. A riverside brewery would have been just the thing to lift their …

Beer Crawl - Australian craft beer directory

Media Release: Beer Crawl

If you’re in Australia and you like good beer, you should definitely check out this website/app that helps you find and record craft beer venues. Read on. Life is a Beer Crawl You already know your favourite watering …

My mum used to always tell me to 'go outside', like that would make me healthier. Beerunch proves her wrong.


Everyone loves brunch.* I mean, what’s not to love? Breakfast? Excellent! Hash browns! Bread! Avocado! Coffee! Lunch? Awesome! Don’t have to wake up early! More savouries! Bread! Bring them together? Somehow blueberry muffins, bruschetta and brunch pizza (?!) …

"If you haven't tasted them side by side, your opinion is invalid."

How To Be A Craft Beer Jerk In 5 Easy Steps

So: you’ve been drinking craft beer for a while now, frequenting craft beer bars, getting to know other craft beer drinkers, and you’re ready for the next stage in your journey. You’re ready to try your hand at …