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Weekend of Darkness, Part One – The Weekend

Most universities have weekends off. But not Schoonerversity. At Schoonerversity, even on the weekends, there’s no rest for the wicked. And that’s never truer than on the Weekend of Darkness, at The Scratch. As of a week ago,… Read More

Unremarkable beer and unforgettable beer

I’m generally a man of simple tastes. Go into my wardrobe, and you’ll see a stack of t-shirts – a bunch of black shirts, a bunch of navy shirts, and a bunch of shirts that are barely distinguishable… Read More

The Beer Belt

I live in Brisbane. Over the past few years, Brisbane has become a craft beer haven. People’s tastes are developing, the menus are becoming more sophisticated… Brisbane is on its own craft beer adventure, and it’s going so… Read More

Welcome to Schoonerversity

I love beer. When I’m drinking beer, I’m either cooling down and relaxing after a long, hard day, or I’m talking and laughing with good friends while my tastebuds and my stomach are falling ever more in love… Read More