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Great photo, if I do say so myself.

Felons to storm Brisbane

In 1823, after a month lost at sea, a few convicts stumbled upon what is now the Brisbane River: tired, hungry and, most of all, thirsty. A riverside brewery would have been just the thing to lift their spirits, but, alas, they were 200 years too early. As of October 2018, however, people down at the riverside seeking refreshment in the form of life-giving beer will be able to find it at Felons Brewing Co.

The brewery is taking shape as part of the Howard Smith Wharves redevelopment on the river beneath the northern end of the Story Bridge. But the phrase “on the river” isn’t just referring to the way it reaches all the way to the water’s edge: the wharf building is literally on the river, built out over the water in the 1930s. 

The grand underbelly of the Story Bridge and the shining Brisbane skyline incite awe in anyone visiting the spot, matched only by the impressive natural features of the towering rock cliffs on one side and the two great arms of the river stretching away on the other side.

But enough of the history lesson and real estate blurb. Time to talk brewery…

Beer Crawl - Australian craft beer directory

Media Release: Beer Crawl

If you’re in Australia and you like good beer, you should definitely check out this website/app that helps you find and record craft beer venues. Read on.

Life is a Beer Crawl

You already know your favourite watering holes in your city. But tonight, you want to try somewhere new.

You and your mate are in another city for the weekend, and you want to check out a few craft beer bars while you’re there.

Your friend asked you where she can get a good beer near where she lives… preferably somewhere with wifi and a quiet corner where she can study.

If you want to keep track of all the best beer venues in Australia, and see which ones you have and haven’t been to, you need to check out Beer Crawl.

Beer Crawl - Australian craft beer directoryBeer Crawl - Australian craft beer directoryBeer Crawl - Australian craft beer directory

My mum used to always tell me to 'go outside', like that would make me healthier. Beerunch proves her wrong.


Everyone loves brunch.* I mean, what’s not to love?

Breakfast? Excellent! Hash browns! Bread! Avocado! Coffee!

Lunch? Awesome! Don’t have to wake up early! More savouries! Bread!

Bring them together? Somehow blueberry muffins, bruschetta and brunch pizza (?!) come into existence. Amazing.

(Yeah, big surprise: I love bread.)

Of course, another wonderful aspect of brunch is that booze becomes socially acceptable earlier in the day than would otherwise be the case. I’m a firm believer that morning booze every day would be an unhealthy life decision, but that the occasional morning booze is a VERY healthy life decision. And while brunch’s booze companion is most commonly champagne, I think most Schoonerversity readers would agree that the best boozy beverage to befriend brunch is, in fact, beer.

And thus, a new meal is birthed:

Beerunch. The portmanteau meal of kings.

(This meal is so new that my computer keeps trying to autocorrect it to ‘breech’.)

Beerunch: one of the few times I'll happily hit up a pale ale!
Beerunch: one of the few times I’ll happily hit up a pale ale!

"If you haven't tasted them side by side, your opinion is invalid."

How To Be A Craft Beer Jerk In 5 Easy Steps

So: you’ve been drinking craft beer for a while now, frequenting craft beer bars, getting to know other craft beer drinkers, and you’re ready for the next stage in your journey. You’re ready to try your hand at being a Craft Beer Jerk (CBJ).

But how can you take that next step? After all, so many of the CBJs that you come across have been drinking craft beer for longer than you, and know more about flavour profiles and hop varieties and Belgian monasteries than you do, and have more contacts within the industry than you do. How could you ever hope to join their ranks, and achieve the title of CBJ?