Eight that are great to share with a mate

Over the past couple of weeks, among all the decent beers, I’ve had the pleasure of trying a number of stand-out beers that I thought I’d recommend—two pales, two reds, two darks, and two strongs.

Of course, my preference would be to sit down with you and drink them together with you (ideally with a bowl of chips). But in place of sharing the beers with you, I’ll share my thoughts on them. Hope you get your hands on a few of them, and that they bring you the joy they brought me. (And if you want to bring me in to re-live the delight, hey, I won’t say no.)


American Pale Ale by Bacchus Brewing (pictured far right)


This APA is all about the gentle hoppy sweetness. It’s a perfect afternoon beer. (Reminded me a bit of James Squire Hop Thief 7, which I tried recently and was pleasantly surprised by.)

Kraken IPA by Bacchus Brewing (pictured second from left)

Big aroma of tangy fruit, followed by bigger flavour of bright fruit and smooth spiced rum, coming together in this beer of legendary greatness. I will tell tales about this allegedly mythological beast. This wasn’t the first time the Kraken has risen up to attack me, and I hope it wasn’t the last. Drag me under, O Mighty Kraken, and drown me in a sea of you.


Red Trolley Ale by Karl Strauss Brewing


Wowsers. All of the strawberry jam in the nose. And it tastes of creaming soda. An incredible, sweet red ale.

West Coast Red Rye IPA by 4 Pines


Another exciting Keller Door from 4 Pines. A little spice from the rye, and plenty of sweetness from the red. Goes well with onion rings, that’s for sure!


Oatmeal Stout by Bacchus Brewing (pictured far left)


Oh so creamy! Like melted ice cream straight out of the tap. Fills your mouth with dark hazelnut and chocolate.

The Bollox Black Double IPA by Bacchus Brewing (pictured second from right)

It’s big and dark, but the darkness doesn’t hide the hops. Strong hops and dark liqueur on the tongue, with an incredibly silky mouthfeel.


Original by Innis & Gunn


Drinking this is like drinking a bourbon boilermaker. It is a confusing and magical experience.

Dirty Bastard by Founders Brewing


This. I could drink this all night. It starts with Snickers slash peanut brittle on the nose. But then when you sip it, it’s all thick and boozy all the way through. This scotch ale (like many scotch ales) is close to the perfect beer for me.

P.S. On the same night as the Dirty Bastard, there was a close runner-up: Curmudgeon Old Ale, also by Founders. Sweet bourbony goodness. Both of these were recommended by the bearded and beautiful Nick, at the Scratch. If you’re ever looking to try something new and great, he’s a good person to ask.

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